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Hello Friends Do you want to learn? How to use Whatsapp on a PC/Laptop easily?... then keep reading this article.  Hello, my name is milan One could use Whatsapp from a PC earlier... there were lots of third party tools too... like Blue stacks I had made a video on this topic a few months ago. If you want to watch that article, click on the link on the screen But these Android emulators were not user friendly and used to require a lot of memory to run on the OC so the computer used to slow down  Now you don't need to take that long and difficult route Recently Whatsapp has introduced a new feature of what's app and now you can easily use Whatsapp from your PC or computer. 

You don't need a third-party tool now First, you need a Computer with an Internet connection Second, a smart phone where the whatsapp app is installed  and the Chrome Broswer So let's learn how to use Whatsapp from a PC First open the Chrome browser and Type web.whatsapp.com Now a new page opens up... this is Whatsapp web Now you will need to scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile phone You need to take your smart phone, whch has the whatapp app installed and then scan the QR code on screen with whatsapp on your mobile This QR code on your screen will help you chat on Whatsapp via your PC Let's understand a few instructions given here If have an android phone, you can open Whatsapp, then go to Menu and then Whatsapp Web You also have instructions for the Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Blackberry and Nokia and any Phone There is no mention of the iPhone here. 

Anyways... I have an Android phone I am going to use the Samsung Galaxy S3 for this video  One more thing, if you want to remain signed into Whatsapp please click this box But if you are signing in from a Public or shared computer ... from a Cyber cafe for example, then you can uncheck this box here For now, I will check this box Ok... so let's open Whatsapp on my phone This is my Whatsapp on my mobile, let me click on it and open it If I click on the menu and see ... this is the older version of Whatsapp There should be an item - 'Whatsapp Web' which is not visible here That's why I need to update Whatsapp on my phone Ok.. let's go to the Playstore and let me open Whatsapp This is the Whatsapp messenger  Here you see the 'Update' button..let me update this app Clicking on 'Accept' If you have the older version of Whatsapp on your mobile, you will not be able to use Whatsapp on your PC Now it's getting installed Now that the App is updated, let's click on the Open button and open it up. Let's open Whatsapp and click on 'Whatsapp Web' You may want to pay attention... I am going to go to the Menu and click on 'Whatsapp Web on my phone And my QR code is being scanned here maybe I should take it closer to the computer screen  And you can see that now the computer screen is mirroring whatever is on my Mobile screen  Whatever is on my mobile screen... is exactly the same as ....what is being displayed on my PC screen  If you want to, you can send a message to somewhere from here  Let's type a message on the Mobile and see what happens Here's a contact... let me click on the contact and let me type something here  "Hi" and let me add a smiley... and let me click on the 'Send' button Here you can see exactly the same message on my computer screen Then let me type "How are you" and click on the 'Send' button  And here you can see the same on the PC screen So this is how to use Whatsapp on your PC if you are connected to the Internet Here you see... 
I have recieved a message on Whatsapp and I can see the notifications on both my mobile and my PC Let's click on it  Now you can see that the message is visible on both my mobile and on my PC Let me reply to the message on the computer I am fine. Aap kaise hain?  I typed the message on my computer and it can be seen here on the Mobile Let me try something.. My mobile is not connected to a Wi Fi network ... 

 I have disabled my Mobile Data But I can see here on my computer that a  contact is typing something and trying to send me a message Here I can see the words 'typing' under the name Let's see if the message comes on the computer...

Now I have stopped receiving messages Let me connect to the Wi Fi network again The mobile data is still off... let's see if the message comes or not  Once I connect to the Wi Fi network, the message is received and I can see it both on the mobile and on the PC This means that you have to be connected to the Internet on your mobile... only then will you be able to see the Whatsapp messages on your PC This means you need to have Internet connectivity on your mobile in order to use Whatsapp on your computer Then what's the big deal? This means we will have to pay for the data charges...? No... I just tried something ...let me show you If someone sends you a big file on Whatsapp web apk such as an image, audio or video then the data charges for downloading large files can be high So you can see those big files on your computer... Don't download the big files on whatsapp on your Mobile  How do we do that? Let's see...

In Whatsapp web apk ..Let's open the menu, go to settings... then Chat settings In the chat settings, go to 'Media Auto Download' Now you have a few options to choose from Now you can decide when you want to download the media The first one is when using mobile data...the second on WiFi and the third on Roaming Let's click on the first one If we are paying for the Mobile data, we do not want to pay for the data charges for downloading large files like Images, Audio and video files Let's leave the three boxes unchecked and press 'OK' When connected to a Wi Fi network, we only want images to be downloaded and neither Audio nor video to be downloaded...let's click on 'OK' And when we are on roaming, we don't want images, audio or video to be downloaded So let's leave the three boxes unchecked and click on 'OK' Let's go back  Let's open a contact and get vikas to send us a picture Right now I am connected to the internet via Wi Fi The picture should be downloaded and the video should not download... as per the settings we just saved Let's see Here you can see ... the picture. It has been downloaded both to my mobile and to the PC These are the settings I chose The data consumption while downloading an image is far less than the data required for an audio or video file So if we want to save on the cost of data, we shouldn't download audio or video files on Mobile Data Let's get Vikas to send us a Video file.

Here you can see... On the left you can see 3 MB... not sure whethere its clear on the screen This video file has not been downloaded on to my Mobile device This is a 13 second long video but it has not been downloaded on to my Mobile But I will be able to play it on my Computer.

Let me click on the file on the Computer And this video file has started playing You can download the file from your computer, if that's what you want... Let's click on the button and Download the video  Let's click Here and save the file Now this file has been downloaded to our computer So we saved on two things Heere...First, we will saved the cost we would have incurred on downloading the file on what's app web apk

Secondly, if we download the video to the desktop, we will save some memory on the mobile phone And we have the option of not downloading the file... if we don't want to This is a very useful feature In my view, Data is still very expensive in India and some other countries So if someone sends you a large file, don't download it to your mobile... download to your computer.. you will spend less on your data charge Isn't it great that now you can use Whatsapp via a web client through the chrome browser on your desktop ... easily and quickly You can cahnge your Profile status right here You can also log out from Whatsapp here, if you wish to... Once we log out of Whatsapp... we are back on to the Whatsapp web home page Now you have learn't how to easily Use Whatsapp from your PC If you found it useful.
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