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3.5 lakh crore investment A promise for 1GBPS speed Free TV set Free wifi Free lifetime calls and many more things We are launching Jio Fiber On 12th August Mr. Ambani announced about jio fiber net and it is already booming because it's plan starts from 700 rupees per month 700 But wait a min so many things in just 700 rupees Couldn't digest it right? I am Milan and today I'll tell you that the things reliance have promised will be fulfilled or not? 

Only on Recharge This game is all about optical fiber Fiber net uses glass or plastic instead of copper and here light travels instead of electricity because of this the signal with high speed can be easily transferred at long distances without any disturbance But 5G with is wireless internet connection is coming soon in market and there are chances that we will get good signals They will surely compete in this and I think we will prefer wire less connection because no body is that free that they will sit at home and use internet By using this optical fiber reliance will provide 100MBPS to 1GBPS speed 1GB per second Which means in 1 second a full Wait for it HD movie can be downloaded But will jio net will work with this speed? because if we go back in time when jio sim was launched in market then we all went crazy We waited in the line and got the SIM But for some months jio signal kept on playing hide and seek with us Call drop Slow internet speed by the way reliance jio is having 340 million users but how many of them are satisfied? Tell me in the COMMENTS below Because according to business today.. their was a time when reliance 4G speed was down to 6-10Mbps So, can reliance provide this high speed without any disturbance I doubt My mother is thinking that reliance will give everything in just 700 rupees Are you hoping for the same? You need to wait Mr. Because plan is starting at 700 but is going till 10K So, this VR i.e. virtual reality PS4 gaming experience OTT i.e. Netflix free subscription All this you will get in 700 or 10K who knows? Did it ring any bells in your head? Because it has just been announced How much data you will be getting?

 How promises will be fulfilled? It is not very clear and this first day first show offer Which is we can be on our sofa and.. watch the movie which is being played in the theater So, will the Indian multiplex investors will let this happen? Because Inox has clearly said that those movies which are releasing in theaters can not be on any other platform till 8 weeks and this rule is followed not only in India but internationally In one of the interview PVR said that watching a movie at home.. and in theater is very different Well they are right If they will provide first day first show.. then how PVR will sell popcorn at the rate of gold and silver Well on 5th September this net will be launched in the market and from launching it to coming on ground how much time will it take We all know it Time will tell us You.

Today's Article is about JIO Fiber To The Home Broadband I am sure you all will be curious about JIO FTTH features Plans and Importantly about the Internet speed To answer all your questions, today I bring this video specially for you guys. Keep Watching! Jio Broadband service is a Fiber to the home service   This means Reliance JIO will Lay a Fiber Optic cable till your home You will recieve broadband service via this Fiber optic cable   Jio Broadband speed can be 100Mbps to 1 Gbps

 The connection that I have is 100 Mbps Jio Broadband kit contains Fiber optic patch cord which will connect Fiber optic cable to the Router Power adaptor and a Router The router has a Fiber optic Input port   4 100 Mbps LAN ports 2 USB ports which can be used to connect Pendrives or Hard disks which can be shared on Local area network The router also has a power button and 2 Phone ports Phone ports can be used for VOIP Landlines But the service is currently Disabled The Router has Dual Band Wifi with Good coverage and signal strength   There are status LED to the front of the router which will show status of Internet connection and LAN ports Let us proceed to some speed tests and see how is the performance of JIO broadband First speed test on The server that I have selected is Vodafone server in Mumbai As you can see, download speed is 94 Mbps   and upload speed is 87 Mbps Next is here also, download speed is 96 Mbps Let us play a full HD video on Youtube You can see, Youtube videos start playing instantaneously, without any buffering Let us talk about download speeds As you can see

 I am downloading Ubuntu Operating system and I am consistently getting 10 Mega Bytes per second   Talking about plans, I am using JIO Test silver plan Under this plan, user can get 100GB per month   After 100 GB speed is reduced to 1 Mbps   there is also a 40 GB topup so friends You can see Jio broadband speed is fast and consistent Whenever Jio will launch Broadband commercially, Rest of Broadband operators will face a stiff competition I conclude my article Hope you liked my Article if you liked this article then please press like and subscribe If you have any questions please leave them in comments below
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