How To Solve The Hanging Problem On Any Android | Latest Trick | Latest Method |

How To Solve The Hanging Problem On Any Android | Latest Trick | Latest Method

Fix this hanging problem forever please subscribe our Channel and hit the bell icon to get update regularly in this video, I will show you a few steps to solve the hanging problem of any Android phone or tablet after watch in gall the steps you can easily get rid of the mobile hanging problem of your Android device let's follow all the instruction of the video first of all open the Play Store and turn off auto update apps from here go to settings scroll down and find out storage tap on it wait for a few seconds tap on craft data then delete it tap on miscellaneous file and delete the unnecessary files the next step is go to settings scroll down and find out the about phone or about device now scroll down to build number tap on the build number seven times to enable the developer options move back and open the developer options find out the limit background processes and select no background processes tap on animation duration scale and select the animations off then transition animation scales and select animation is off after that tap on window animation scale and select again animation is off step number four go to my file or file manager device storage find out the apps folders which you are not using select and delete them remove or uninstall all the unnecessary apps from your device into the next step go to setting' once again scroll down and find out the about phone or about device tap on it turn off download updates automatically also turn off the scheduled software updates follow some tips which i am explaining now do not use any third-party launcher do not put too many apps on your home screen do not install any app from an unknown source and reset your device minimum one time within amonth regularly that's it if you found this article helpful then please considers subscription to this blog for the more helpful tutorial thanks reading 

In this article i will teach you how to restart your mobile phone while its  got hang or fully stop touch working. This trick works well almost all Samsung mobiles Now a days ago new smart phones are released with inbuilt battery. When old phones got hang We can easily remove and reinsert the battery for restarting mobiles , but now we can't  because of non- removal battery. what we do now? its very simple to do. Just hold press your power button and two volume keys at the same time for 7 seconds. and wait for restart Yes! we done   Hi guys if you are like this articel please give a thumbs up

I will show you If your phone hangs then how can you solve it If your are first time visiting on our channel then click on the Red Subscriber Button Enable the notification bell to get the latest updates So Lets Start with first method Go to your phone settings then scroll down to about device if you had already enabel developer mode then its cool if you don't have developer mode enable then click on about device after tap 7 times continue in the build number Once you done this your developer option became enabled then hit the back button; tap on developer option Enable the developer option scroll down and you see 3 animination scales so turn of transition animination scale so turn off window animination scale then turn off transition animination scale at last turn off animinator duration scale Thats It for first method Now 2nd method Go to Apps on your phone when you tap on apps its shows you all the downloaded app in android so click on any app and move it to your sd card with this your phone memory doesn't get full then you don't get storage running problem By this you can move all apps to your Sd card if you like to free your Ram Go to your running option of your phone Tap on the app that you are not using regularly but they run in background everyone thinks they close the app from recent apps & its close but its not really happens just like primo I am not using this app so i tap on it and force stop it If you have any question then conmment below Click on Red email Subscriber Button more such type of tricks Like; Share this article as much as you can and I will see you in the next one. 

 I get the one error message in my new Nokia 3 Android mobile. It shows "Phone has stopped then close up and send feedback" So this type of errors are mainly occurs due to large numbers of apps running in your background, so how to fix this error?.First of all click to "close app" then once click to restart your Android,so click to restart. After the restarting is completed and you can follow me, so first of all you can go to your "Settings" Here you can scroll down then go to "Apps" section, here you can click this 3 dot icon and then you can click to "Reset app preferences" so click to reset apps. Again click this three dot icon then click to "show system", so here you can locate "System UI" then click to open it, so here you can go to "Storage" and then you can click to "clear cache". Now you can go to your "Settings" then go to "Storage" here you can click to open your "Interns l shared storage" and it shows calculating... so be patient, and then you can scroll down,

Here you can click to "Cached data" and then you can click to "ok", so again it shows calculating, finally here you can see the cached data size is set to default as "0". Now you can go back to one step and then you can scroll down then go to last page, here you can go to "About phone" here you can press 4 times by "Build number" option, so here I already a developer, so if you not aa developer you can press by 4 times.
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