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Hello Friends Do you want to learn? How to use Whatsapp on a PC/Laptop easily?... then keep reading this article.  Hello, my name is milan One could use Whatsapp from a PC earlier... there were lots of third party tools too... like Blue stacks I had made a video on this topic a few months ago. If you want to watch that article, click on the link on the screen But these Android emulators were not user friendly and used to require a lot of memory to run on the OC so the computer used to slow down  Now you don't need to take that long and difficult route Recently Whatsapp has introduced a new feature of what's app and now you can easily use Whatsapp from your PC or computer. 

You don't need a third-party tool now First, you need a Computer with an Internet connection Second, a smart phone where the whatsapp app is installed  and the Chrome Broswer So let's learn how to use Whatsapp from a PC First open the Chrome browser and Type web.whatsapp.com Now a new page opens up... this is Whatsapp web Now you will need to scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile phone You need to take your smart phone, whch has the whatapp app installed and then scan the QR code on screen with whatsapp on your mobile This QR code on your screen will help you chat on Whatsapp via your PC Let's understand a few instructions given here If have an android phone, you can open Whatsapp, then go to Menu and then Whatsapp Web You also have instructions for the Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Blackberry and Nokia and any Phone There is no mention of the iPhone here. 

Anyways... I have an Android phone I am going to use the Samsung Galaxy S3 for this video  One more thing, if you want to remain signed into Whatsapp please click this box But if you are signing in from a Public or shared computer ... from a Cyber cafe for example, then you can uncheck this box here For now, I will check this box Ok... so let's open Whatsapp on my phone This is my Whatsapp on my mobile, let me click on it and open it If I click on the menu and see ... this is the older version of Whatsapp There should be an item - 'Whatsapp Web' which is not visible here That's why I need to update Whatsapp on my phone Ok.. let's go to the Playstore and let me open Whatsapp This is the Whatsapp messenger  Here you see the 'Update' button..let me update this app Clicking on 'Accept' If you have the older version of Whatsapp on your mobile, you will not be able to use Whatsapp on your PC Now it's getting installed Now that the App is updated, let's click on the Open button and open it up. Let's open Whatsapp and click on 'Whatsapp Web' You may want to pay attention... I am going to go to the Menu and click on 'Whatsapp Web on my phone And my QR code is being scanned here maybe I should take it closer to the computer screen  And you can see that now the computer screen is mirroring whatever is on my Mobile screen  Whatever is on my mobile screen... is exactly the same as ....what is being displayed on my PC screen  If you want to, you can send a message to somewhere from here  Let's type a message on the Mobile and see what happens Here's a contact... let me click on the contact and let me type something here  "Hi" and let me add a smiley... and let me click on the 'Send' button Here you can see exactly the same message on my computer screen Then let me type "How are you" and click on the 'Send' button  And here you can see the same on the PC screen So this is how to use Whatsapp on your PC if you are connected to the Internet Here you see... 
I have recieved a message on Whatsapp and I can see the notifications on both my mobile and my PC Let's click on it  Now you can see that the message is visible on both my mobile and on my PC Let me reply to the message on the computer I am fine. Aap kaise hain?  I typed the message on my computer and it can be seen here on the Mobile Let me try something.. My mobile is not connected to a Wi Fi network ... 

 I have disabled my Mobile Data But I can see here on my computer that a  contact is typing something and trying to send me a message Here I can see the words 'typing' under the name Let's see if the message comes on the computer...

Now I have stopped receiving messages Let me connect to the Wi Fi network again The mobile data is still off... let's see if the message comes or not  Once I connect to the Wi Fi network, the message is received and I can see it both on the mobile and on the PC This means that you have to be connected to the Internet on your mobile... only then will you be able to see the Whatsapp messages on your PC This means you need to have Internet connectivity on your mobile in order to use Whatsapp on your computer Then what's the big deal? This means we will have to pay for the data charges...? No... I just tried something ...let me show you If someone sends you a big file on Whatsapp web apk such as an image, audio or video then the data charges for downloading large files can be high So you can see those big files on your computer... Don't download the big files on whatsapp on your Mobile  How do we do that? Let's see...

In Whatsapp web apk ..Let's open the menu, go to settings... then Chat settings In the chat settings, go to 'Media Auto Download' Now you have a few options to choose from Now you can decide when you want to download the media The first one is when using mobile data...the second on WiFi and the third on Roaming Let's click on the first one If we are paying for the Mobile data, we do not want to pay for the data charges for downloading large files like Images, Audio and video files Let's leave the three boxes unchecked and press 'OK' When connected to a Wi Fi network, we only want images to be downloaded and neither Audio nor video to be downloaded...let's click on 'OK' And when we are on roaming, we don't want images, audio or video to be downloaded So let's leave the three boxes unchecked and click on 'OK' Let's go back  Let's open a contact and get vikas to send us a picture Right now I am connected to the internet via Wi Fi The picture should be downloaded and the video should not download... as per the settings we just saved Let's see Here you can see ... the picture. It has been downloaded both to my mobile and to the PC These are the settings I chose The data consumption while downloading an image is far less than the data required for an audio or video file So if we want to save on the cost of data, we shouldn't download audio or video files on Mobile Data Let's get Vikas to send us a Video file.

Here you can see... On the left you can see 3 MB... not sure whethere its clear on the screen This video file has not been downloaded on to my Mobile device This is a 13 second long video but it has not been downloaded on to my Mobile But I will be able to play it on my Computer.

Let me click on the file on the Computer And this video file has started playing You can download the file from your computer, if that's what you want... Let's click on the button and Download the video  Let's click Here and save the file Now this file has been downloaded to our computer So we saved on two things Heere...First, we will saved the cost we would have incurred on downloading the file on what's app web apk

Secondly, if we download the video to the desktop, we will save some memory on the mobile phone And we have the option of not downloading the file... if we don't want to This is a very useful feature In my view, Data is still very expensive in India and some other countries So if someone sends you a large file, don't download it to your mobile... download to your computer.. you will spend less on your data charge Isn't it great that now you can use Whatsapp via a web client through the chrome browser on your desktop ... easily and quickly You can cahnge your Profile status right here You can also log out from Whatsapp here, if you wish to... Once we log out of Whatsapp... we are back on to the Whatsapp web home page Now you have learn't how to easily Use Whatsapp from your PC If you found it useful.

How To Solve The Hanging Problem On Any Android | Latest Trick | Latest Method | Mobilesolution4u.in

How To Solve The Hanging Problem On Any Android | Latest Trick | Latest Method

Fix this hanging problem forever please subscribe our Channel and hit the bell icon to get update regularly in this video, I will show you a few steps to solve the hanging problem of any Android phone or tablet after watch in gall the steps you can easily get rid of the mobile hanging problem of your Android device let's follow all the instruction of the video first of all open the Play Store and turn off auto update apps from here go to settings scroll down and find out storage tap on it wait for a few seconds tap on craft data then delete it tap on miscellaneous file and delete the unnecessary files the next step is go to settings scroll down and find out the about phone or about device now scroll down to build number tap on the build number seven times to enable the developer options move back and open the developer options find out the limit background processes and select no background processes tap on animation duration scale and select the animations off then transition animation scales and select animation is off after that tap on window animation scale and select again animation is off step number four go to my file or file manager device storage find out the apps folders which you are not using select and delete them remove or uninstall all the unnecessary apps from your device into the next step go to setting' once again scroll down and find out the about phone or about device tap on it turn off download updates automatically also turn off the scheduled software updates follow some tips which i am explaining now do not use any third-party launcher do not put too many apps on your home screen do not install any app from an unknown source and reset your device minimum one time within amonth regularly that's it if you found this article helpful then please considers subscription to this blog for the more helpful tutorial thanks reading 

In this article i will teach you how to restart your mobile phone while its  got hang or fully stop touch working. This trick works well almost all Samsung mobiles Now a days ago new smart phones are released with inbuilt battery. When old phones got hang We can easily remove and reinsert the battery for restarting mobiles , but now we can't  because of non- removal battery. what we do now? its very simple to do. Just hold press your power button and two volume keys at the same time for 7 seconds. and wait for restart Yes! we done   Hi guys if you are like this articel please give a thumbs up

I will show you If your phone hangs then how can you solve it If your are first time visiting on our channel then click on the Red Subscriber Button Enable the notification bell to get the latest updates So Lets Start with first method Go to your phone settings then scroll down to about device if you had already enabel developer mode then its cool if you don't have developer mode enable then click on about device after tap 7 times continue in the build number Once you done this your developer option became enabled then hit the back button; tap on developer option Enable the developer option scroll down and you see 3 animination scales so turn of transition animination scale so turn off window animination scale then turn off transition animination scale at last turn off animinator duration scale Thats It for first method Now 2nd method Go to Apps on your phone when you tap on apps its shows you all the downloaded app in android so click on any app and move it to your sd card with this your phone memory doesn't get full then you don't get storage running problem By this you can move all apps to your Sd card if you like to free your Ram Go to your running option of your phone Tap on the app that you are not using regularly but they run in background everyone thinks they close the app from recent apps & its close but its not really happens just like primo I am not using this app so i tap on it and force stop it If you have any question then conmment below Click on Red email Subscriber Button more such type of tricks Like; Share this article as much as you can and I will see you in the next one. 

 I get the one error message in my new Nokia 3 Android mobile. It shows "Phone has stopped then close up and send feedback" So this type of errors are mainly occurs due to large numbers of apps running in your background, so how to fix this error?.First of all click to "close app" then once click to restart your Android,so click to restart. After the restarting is completed and you can follow me, so first of all you can go to your "Settings" Here you can scroll down then go to "Apps" section, here you can click this 3 dot icon and then you can click to "Reset app preferences" so click to reset apps. Again click this three dot icon then click to "show system", so here you can locate "System UI" then click to open it, so here you can go to "Storage" and then you can click to "clear cache". Now you can go to your "Settings" then go to "Storage" here you can click to open your "Interns l shared storage" and it shows calculating... so be patient, and then you can scroll down,

Here you can click to "Cached data" and then you can click to "ok", so again it shows calculating, finally here you can see the cached data size is set to default as "0". Now you can go back to one step and then you can scroll down then go to last page, here you can go to "About phone" here you can press 4 times by "Build number" option, so here I already a developer, so if you not aa developer you can press by 4 times.

Reliance Jio Fiber Plan 2020 | This Service Free ? | Free Plan | New Recharge Jio Plan

3.5 lakh crore investment A promise for 1GBPS speed Free TV set Free wifi Free lifetime calls and many more things We are launching Jio Fiber On 12th August Mr. Ambani announced about jio fiber net and it is already booming because it's plan starts from 700 rupees per month 700 But wait a min so many things in just 700 rupees Couldn't digest it right? I am Milan and today I'll tell you that the things reliance have promised will be fulfilled or not? 

Only on Recharge This game is all about optical fiber Fiber net uses glass or plastic instead of copper and here light travels instead of electricity because of this the signal with high speed can be easily transferred at long distances without any disturbance But 5G with is wireless internet connection is coming soon in market and there are chances that we will get good signals They will surely compete in this and I think we will prefer wire less connection because no body is that free that they will sit at home and use internet By using this optical fiber reliance will provide 100MBPS to 1GBPS speed 1GB per second Which means in 1 second a full Wait for it HD movie can be downloaded But will jio net will work with this speed? because if we go back in time when jio sim was launched in market then we all went crazy We waited in the line and got the SIM But for some months jio signal kept on playing hide and seek with us Call drop Slow internet speed by the way reliance jio is having 340 million users but how many of them are satisfied? Tell me in the COMMENTS below Because according to business today.. their was a time when reliance 4G speed was down to 6-10Mbps So, can reliance provide this high speed without any disturbance I doubt My mother is thinking that reliance will give everything in just 700 rupees Are you hoping for the same? You need to wait Mr. Because plan is starting at 700 but is going till 10K So, this VR i.e. virtual reality PS4 gaming experience OTT i.e. Netflix free subscription All this you will get in 700 or 10K who knows? Did it ring any bells in your head? Because it has just been announced How much data you will be getting?

 How promises will be fulfilled? It is not very clear and this first day first show offer Which is we can be on our sofa and.. watch the movie which is being played in the theater So, will the Indian multiplex investors will let this happen? Because Inox has clearly said that those movies which are releasing in theaters can not be on any other platform till 8 weeks and this rule is followed not only in India but internationally In one of the interview PVR said that watching a movie at home.. and in theater is very different Well they are right If they will provide first day first show.. then how PVR will sell popcorn at the rate of gold and silver Well on 5th September this net will be launched in the market and from launching it to coming on ground how much time will it take We all know it Time will tell us You.

Today's Article is about JIO Fiber To The Home Broadband I am sure you all will be curious about JIO FTTH features Plans and Importantly about the Internet speed To answer all your questions, today I bring this video specially for you guys. Keep Watching! Jio Broadband service is a Fiber to the home service   This means Reliance JIO will Lay a Fiber Optic cable till your home You will recieve broadband service via this Fiber optic cable   Jio Broadband speed can be 100Mbps to 1 Gbps

 The connection that I have is 100 Mbps Jio Broadband kit contains Fiber optic patch cord which will connect Fiber optic cable to the Router Power adaptor and a Router The router has a Fiber optic Input port   4 100 Mbps LAN ports 2 USB ports which can be used to connect Pendrives or Hard disks which can be shared on Local area network The router also has a power button and 2 Phone ports Phone ports can be used for VOIP Landlines But the service is currently Disabled The Router has Dual Band Wifi with Good coverage and signal strength   There are status LED to the front of the router which will show status of Internet connection and LAN ports Let us proceed to some speed tests and see how is the performance of JIO broadband First speed test on Speedtest.net The server that I have selected is Vodafone server in Mumbai As you can see, download speed is 94 Mbps   and upload speed is 87 Mbps Next is Fast.com here also, download speed is 96 Mbps Let us play a full HD video on Youtube You can see, Youtube videos start playing instantaneously, without any buffering Let us talk about download speeds As you can see

 I am downloading Ubuntu Operating system and I am consistently getting 10 Mega Bytes per second   Talking about plans, I am using JIO Test silver plan Under this plan, user can get 100GB per month   After 100 GB speed is reduced to 1 Mbps   there is also a 40 GB topup so friends You can see Jio broadband speed is fast and consistent Whenever Jio will launch Broadband commercially, Rest of Broadband operators will face a stiff competition I conclude my article Hope you liked my Article if you liked this article then please press like and subscribe If you have any questions please leave them in comments below

ATM Ka Full Form ? | ATM Ka Full Form Kya Hota He ? | What is ATM Machine ? | All About ATM Machine

ATM Ka Full Form ? | ATM Ka Full Form Kya Hota He ? | What is ATM Machine ? | All About ATM Machine 

ATM ka full from : ATM ek machine hai, is machine ka prayog paisa nikalne aur jama karne ke lie kiya jata hai, is machine se aap bina kise ke sahayata ke aap paisa nikal aur jama kar sakate ho, isaka sabase bada fayda yah hai,ki aap kise bhe samay paisa nikal aur jama kar sakate hai, bina bank khule. lekin aap mese kisi ko pata nhi hoga ki atm ka full form kya hota he to chaliye aaj jante he ko atm ka full form kya hota he aur kuch majedar atm k bare me.

atm ka full form hota hai automatic tailor machine  jise hindi mein svachaalit mudra vitaran yantra kaha jata hai aur vah yantra ya vah machine jise mudra nikal ne ke liye prayog kiya jata hai yane ki paisa nikalane ke liye jis yantr ka prayog kiya jaata hai use atm kaha jaata hai. ise svasacchalit isaliye kaha jata hai kyonki yah apane aap karya karata hai Telor yaani ki yah apane aap paise ginata hai aur masheen ka matalab hota hai yantr. lekin aisa nahin hai ki atm ko har jagah isee naam se jaana jaata hai kaee deshon mein jaise ki kanaada mein atm ko abm kaha jaata hai jisaka matalab hota hai Automatic banking machine aur yahaan banking sabs se taatpary hai "paison ka lenaden" to isee prakaar sthaanon aur deshon ke saath-saath atm ke alag-alag naam milate hue hain udaaharan ke taur par kaee deshon mein ise kaish point kaha jaata hai aur kaee deshon mein ise holai in thai wall (hol in da vol) bhee kaha jaata hai. hol in da vol ka matlab hota hai deevaar mein chhed hona kyonki aapane dekha hoga ki kaheen-kaheen deevaar mein chhota sa chhed karake atm kee masheen kee jo skreen hai vo nikalee huee hotee hai jahaan se paise nikaale ja sakate hain. deevaar mein chhed kar ATM lagae jaane se kya hota hai ki machine kee thodee shefty ho jati hai. to sayad aaj aapko pata chal gaya hoaga ki atm ka full form kya hota he

ATM Ka Full Form ? | ATM Ka Full Form Kya Hota He ? | What is ATM Machine ? | All About ATM Machine

Sabase Pahala ATM Aur Isake Avishkaarak: ATM ke avishkaar ka shrey loothar jorj simiyal ko diya jaata hai. jinake prayaason se varsh 1961 mein sitee baink ko nyooyork mein duniya ka sabase pahala atm lagaaya gaya us samay atm ko bainkongraaph naam se jaana jaata tha lekin us samay graahak phorm bharakar ya seedha baink mein jaakar len den karana jyaada saral va surakshit samajhate the jis kaaran eteeem pranaalee ko koee vishesh prasiddhi na mil sakee.  new york mein lagaaya gaya atm matr 6 maheene baad hata liya gaya tha maan liya gaya ki bainking sektar mein atm masheen laabhakaaree nahin hai. lekin yah bhram us vakt door ho gaya jab varsh 1966 mein japan mein ek atm lagaya gaya jisake chalate bainkon ko bahut laabh hua hua. kyonki ATM lagane se jo bank ke karmachaaree the unake paas khalee samay rahane laga jisake kaaran vah any kaamon par dhyaan de paate the ta tha banko mein lagane valee bheed mein bhaaree kamee dekhee gaee. ise dekhate hue japan ke any bainko mein bhee ATM lagae gae tatha vaheen se dheere-dheere yah seva any deshon ke logon ko bhee bhaane lagee. is prakaar lagabhag shuroo se hee vikasit deshon mein eteeem ka vikaas lagabhag samaan roop se chala.

Suraksha: ATM kee suraksha ke lie graahak ko atm card ke saath ATM pin diya jaata hai joki gopaneey hota hai yaanee ki aapako vah pin kisee se bhee sheyar nahin karana hota vah aapaka apana hota hai. jisaka prayog kar aap apane kaard se kabhee bhee aur kaheen bhee kisee bhee atm mein jaakar paise nikalava sakate hain lekin agar aapake paas pin nahin hai to chaahe aapake paas aapaka atm ho aur atm mein kitane bhee paise hon aap unhen nahin nikalava sakate. is prakaar yah ek security features hai jo ki 4 anko ka pin hota hai. adhik suraksha hetu galat pin prayog karane par simit lagaee gaee  hai. jisake chalate yadi teen baar galat atm pin bhar diya jaata hai to aapaka ATM Card block ho jaata hai. philhaal ATM kee suraksha pin ke jarie hotee hai lekin ise dheere-dheere fingerprint jaisee Technology  mein badala ja raha hai jisase ATM pin kee bajae paise nikalavaane ke lie aapake Fingerprint kee aavashyakata padegee. taki suraksha ko badhaaya ja sake.


IFSC Code For SBI Credit Card | IFSC Code of State Bank of India Credit Card | SBI IFSC Code For Credit Card

IFSC Code For SBI Credit Card | IFSC Code of State Bank of India Credit Card | SBI IFSC Code For Credit Card

State Bank of India Credit Card IFSC Code is an 11-digit alphanumeric code that is used by National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) to pay SBI credit card bills online. In other words, an IFSC credit card code, expanded as Indian Financial System Code, is a mandatory piece of information that has to be given when making online credit card bill payments through NEFT. This code is not the same as the IFSC bank code issued for money transfer, and is used for credit card payments only.

The IFSC Code on SBI Credit Card is SBIN00CARDS. The first 4 characters here are representative of the bank's name and the 5th character 'zero' is set aside for use at a later date. The code '0CARD' below indicates the branch code that handles all credit card payments.

Now What's Uses & Benefits of SBI Credit Card IFSC Code

— Used to pay credit card bills via NEFT net banking

— Used by banks to accept credit card payments without error

— Helps streamline the credit card payment process

— Fast, simple and secure bill payment system

— Useful for credit card holders with a savings account in another bank

— Cost-effective payment

IFSC Code For SBI Credit Card | IFSC Code of State Bank of India Credit Card | SBI IFSC Code For Credit Card

How to Check for SBI Credit Card IFSC Code

Searching for the SBI IFSC credit card code is very simple and can be found online on a variety of websites, including the website of the bank. You can also get this information by contacting customer service at the bank or by visiting the nearest branch.

All branches of State Bank of India bank in India will have the same IFSC credit card code. Therefore, no matter how many branches a bank has, there will only be one when it comes to credit card IFSC code. The credit card would have to be reported as a beneficiary when paying a bill through NEFT. The 16-digit credit card number is used as the account number whereas the account holder's name is the name embossed on the card. The same IFSC code would be SBIN00CARDS.

Search IFSC Code for Top Banks:

1) IFSC State Bank of India

2) IFSC Code HDFC Bank

3) IFSC Code Indian Bank

4) IFSC Code Axis bank

5) IFSC Code Canara bank


FAQs on SBI Credit Card IFSC Code

1) Are all holders of SBI credit cards eligible to pay NEFT bills?

Answer: Indeed.

2) If the payment is confirmed, when?

Ans: Under normal circumstances, the bill payment is transferred to the customer's credit card account within 3 working hours.

3) What other information is needed to pay IFSC-code credit card bills?


- 16-digit credit card number

 - credit card holder name

 - bank address

- bank name, which will be 'SBI credit card'

 4) What if the incorrect IFSC code is entered by mistake and the money is sent?

Answer: In such a situation the client is encouraged to contact the Customer Care Center immediately.

What is IFSC Code

Code on the Indian Financial System (IFSC). It is used by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for electronic payment applications such as Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Immediate Payment Service, an interbank electronic instant mobile money transfer service (IMPS), and Centralized Funds Management System (CFMS). Code has in fact 11 characters called "Alpha Numeric." The first four characters are bank, the fifth character is the default "0" left for potential use and the last six characters are branch.

What is MICR Code

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition as imprinted on the checkbook to facilitate check processing.

Disclaimer:-We have made every effort to keep the latest information updated as available from RBI, users are asked to confirm details with the respective bank before using the given details. The author reserves the right not to be held responsible for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or consistency of the given information. Consequently, liability claims relating to harm incurred by the use of any information given, including any kind of information that is inaccurate or incorrect, will be dismissed.

What is Net Pack of Jio ? | Latest Jio Giga fiber Plan | Jio New Year Plan 2020 | Jio New Plan 2020 | Jio New Data Plan 2020

What is Net Pack of Jio ? | Latest Jio Giga fiber Plan | Jio New Year Plan 2020 | Jio New Plan 2020 | Jio New Data Plan 2020

If you are a customer of Reliance Jio, then you get good news. Net Pack of jio Reliance Jio provides updated 4 G data vouchers for giving non-Jio numbers double the data and FUP (Fair Usage Policy) minutes. The updated data plans for Jio 4 G are the Packs Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101. The only option left unchanged is the Rs 251 kit. Prior to the upgrade, recharging with the 4 G data card made no sense for one. With Interconnect User Charge or IUC being introduced, Jio customers who decided to make calls to non-Jio phones had to recharge with an IUC box. A Jio customer who reloaded with an IUC pack from Rs 10 got 1 GB of data free, removing the need for a 4 G data pack. Net Pack of jio With the latest revision in the plans, subscribers not only get twice as much data as before but also get to non-Jio numbers for FUP minutes. The specifics about the updated plans are as follows

What is Net Pack of Jio ? | Latest Jio Giga fiber Plan | Jio New Year Plan 2020 | Jio New Plan 2020 | Jio New Data Plan 2020

Net Pack of Jio

-  Recharge Rs 11 plan, users get 800 MB of data along with 75 Minutes Jio to Non-Jio calling.
- Rs 21 plan, users get 2 GB of data along with 200 Minutes Jio to Non-Jio calling.
-  Recharge Rs 51 plan, users get 6 GB of data along with 500 Minutes Jio to Non-Jio calling.
- Rs 101 plan, users get 12 GB of data along with 1000 Minutes Jio to Non-Jio calling.

The validity of the recharges mentioned above is as per your current plan.

The only plan that remains unchanged is the Rs 251 plan which gives users 102 GB of data with a validity of 51 days, limited to 2 GB per day. Jio New Data plan 2020 Notice also that these prepaid 4 G service card rates are tax-inclusive.

Users must be mindful that in order to make calls to non-Jio numbers they would need to recharge with an IUC plan once the FUP cap is hit. and Voice is free for all calls from Jio to Jio, and Jio to Landline, according to the terms and conditions. Jio New Data plan 2020 To make calls to Non-Jio mobiles, you need to opt for IUC top-up vouchers. Additional 1 GB data will be credited to the customer account for every Rs 10 spent on off-net mobile voice calls.

Reliance Jio customers also benefit from the comfort of their devices by consuming content through JioTV. BSNL recently introduced the BSNL TV app which only provides OTT content to its prepaid customers. If you are a prepaid customer of BSNL, you can find out the BSNL TV info here. Jio New Data plan 2020 To learn more about JIO Prepaid Mobile Recharge Plans, click here.

The new year is now upon us and telecom companies are changing their prepaid upgrade plans to give consumers various benefits. We have already published an article listing all of Jio's prepaid 2020 recharge plans providing 84 days of validity and up to 2 GB of data. Today, we will clarify the best Jio recharge plans offering users up to 1.5 GB of regular 4 G data, with a validity period of between one month and one year. Jio New Data plan 2020

If you're searching for a great Jio recharge plan to match your needs, and need up to 1.5 GB of space, unlimited on-net calls, free SMS, and more, here's the list of all the deals you'd be searching at in 2020.

Jio New Year Plan 2020

In 2020, jio lunched jio new year plan 2020 Reliance Jio has four prepaid upgrade plans providing up to 1.5 GB of high-speed, 4 G data a day. The validity period is different for each of these contracts, which varies from 28 days to 336 days. The below are the below jio new year plan 2020 :

- Rs 199 Jio Recharge Plan
- Rs 399 Jio Recharge Plan
- Rs 555 Jio Recharge Plan
- Rs 2,121 Jio Recharge Plan

Rs 199 Jio Prepaid Recharge Plan

The first Jio package in our range of regular costs of 1.5 GB of data Rs 199. Despite the low price, the package provides 28 days of validity and the cumulative high-speed data value you get during the validity period is 42 GB. It also provides access to unrestricted Jio-to-Jio voice calls and other network calls up to 1,000 minutes of Jio (under FUP or Equal Use Policy). Free text messages are limited to 100 a day. Users who use these plans to recharge their Jio phones also get free access to Jio apps like JioCinema, JioSaavn, Jio TV, and others. Jio New Data plan 2020

Rs 399 Jio Prepaid Recharge Plan

 Jio's second prepaid recharge plan which offers high-speed data costs Rs 399 daily at 1.5 GB. It provides a 56-day validity period, which results in a total data gain of 84 GB. After 1.5 GB of everyday use, and performance drops to 64Kbps. This also provides unlimited free voice calls from Jio-to-Jio and up to 2,000 minutes of voice calls from other operators including Airtel, Vodafone Idea and BSNL to customers. With this package, 100 free SMS are available along with free access to the Jio apps.

Rs 555 Jio Prepaid Recharge Plan

The Rs 555 plan is the third prepaid Jio recharge plan, with 1.5 GB of daily data. It provides an 84-day validity taking the total data value to 126 GB. After 1.5 GB of average data consumption, this decreases the processing speed to 64Kbps. The Rs 555 prepaid recharge plan also provides unlimited Jio-Jio voice calls. This plan is also bundled with 3,000 minute voice calls to non-Jio numbers. The free SMS limit continues to be at 100 a day. The package comes as standard with free access to Jio apps and music streaming services, video streaming, cloud storage, news and more.

Rs 2121 Jio Prepaid Recharge Plan

The highest-cost Jio prepaid recharge plan is cost at Rs 2,121 with 1.5 GB of high-speed data per day. This provides a whopping one year validity (336 days) and a total of 504 GB data value over the course of a year from the recharge date. Call benefits include unlimited voice calls to Jio numbers, and voice calls to non-Jio numbers for 12,000 minutes. 100 Free text messages are permitted daily to any network in India and access to Jio apps is complimentary.


How To Instagram Repost ? | How To Repost On Instagram ? | How To Repost on Instagram in 2020 | Repost For Instagram | Repost Instagram App

How To Instagram Repost ? | How To Repost On Instagram ? | How To Repost on Instagram in 2020 | Repost For Instagram | Repost Instagram App 

Today more than ever, people want reliable, everyday content. How to instagram Repost ? The problem with this is that people want quality content, too. You should post posts of the highest possible standard. But if they aren't clear enough, then people will forget you. Or you might post every day of the week twice a day. Yet if your posts aren't of good quality people will scroll on by. and Instargam Repost.

How To Instagram Repost ? | How To Repost On Instagram ? | How To Repost on Instagram in 2020 | Repost For Instagram | Repost Instagram App

You need to find a balance so learning how to repost on Instagram is a requirement.

It's a perfect way to be able to share on Instagram every day. Though they still have ample time and resources to produce original content of high quality.

Method - 1


- Repost images and videos (copy and paste the post link you want to repost to Instarepost)

- Repost editor (crop images and add stickers, emojis, texts and sketches to your reposts)

- Clear watermarks (give ownership in a clean and non-distracting way)

- Global and Local Trends (see the posts are most reposted)

- Custom Chronological Feed (follow similar users so you can see when they upload new reposting content)

Repost claims to be the oldest and most original reposting device on the Google Play Store, with almost 200,000 comments. Repost's many bells and whistles that go beyond just reposting posts may also help bring a signature flair to your reposts and help set you apart from competition.

Through Sked (Formerly Schedugram)

The first approach is to use Sked for the Regram text. If you are already scheduling content via Sked, the best way to add shared content is by choosing the upload option 'through Instagram URL' while creating a post inside the app or using Sked Social Regram.

Sked Social Regram is an extension to Chrome which makes reposting on Instagram easy and straightforward.
Download Sked Social Regram from the Chrome Web Store for startup.

Before that, open the Instagram photo or video you want to share on your phone. To open the Regram page, tap on the Sked icon in your browser (red arrow below). Then, pick your username, write a subtitle and schedule the post (green arrow).


The next choice is to do Regram manually. Take a screenshot of the picture you want to post, then press on Instagram's camera button to upload. Note: This solution only works for images, you will need to use a different approach for the videos Regram.

After the picture is saved to your camera, all but the image will need to be edited out. You can do this on your phone through your Images app, or through the photo editor for Instagram.

Although the manual Regram method is simple, bypass attribution is also the easiest. Don't forget to caption and tag the original poster on the Regram. We'll clarify more in our segment below on best practices.

Through Other Third-Party Apps

The third choice is to use one of the other available external Regramming devices. Repost For Instagram is the most common, though the App and Google Play Stores offer several choices.

Repost For Instagram is free, links to your Instagram account directly, and even allows video programming. Follow these steps to repost Instagram content via Repost app

- Click the dots in the upper right corner and press Copy Link

-Open the Repost app and pick the picture you want to Regram

- Set your reposting preferences, such as the color and position of the attribution, and write your caption – Don't forget to add your original account!

Tap Repost, then press Publish Copy to Instagram!


Regramming is not a quick click of a "Post" or "Retweet" button, but with the right tools and software, it is still fairly straightforward. Yet, resources aren't everything you need for a good Regram-you do need to learn how to express the material of someone else properly.

Before we immerse ourselves in how to use Regrams, let's talk about some best practices.

Make as Few Edits as Possible

If you are going to share the material of someone else, don't change that. When reposting on Instagram, it is important to honor the original owner and his or her image by keeping it as is.

When you tweak a User Generated Content (UGC) message, which we will address below, keep your edits to a minimum. Definitely, don't change the color or crop, and don't let those take away from the original photo if you have to add text or overlays.

The services are also legally the "domain" of other people. When you violate the right to Regram, in the future you probably won't gain permission from anyone.

Don’t Only Regram

Reposting on Instagram can be enjoyable (and can take off the burden of having to constantly come up with ideas for content), but you shouldn't fill your entire Instagram profile with content from others.

Try preparing your reposts once or twice a week if you are adding Regrams to your Instagram editorial calendar. This will ensure you don't hop on the Regram train whenever you're lacking ideas about content.

And if you use the Sked Social Regram app, you can easily schedule your reposts using Sked's social media calendar for drag-and-drop. Just regram your ideal image(s) and save them as drafts. Go into Schedugram instead, and open the calendar.

From here you can drag your regrammed post onto the calendar of social media and schedule it to be posted whenever you wish. You will also see all your other scheduled posts for your page, so you can create an entertaining mix of original and regrammed content.

Now that you are all familiar with reposting on Instagram, let's talk about how to use regrams to increase interaction, increase brand recognition and balance this marketing strategy

How to CCTV Camera Installation | CCTV Camera | CCTV Camera Price | CCTV Camera For Home | CCTV Camera png | Hikvision CCTV Camera | Wireless CCTV Camera

How to CCTV Camera Installation | CCTV Camera | CCTV Camera Price | CCTV Camera For Home | CCTV Camera png | Hikvision CCTV Camera | Wireless CCTV Camera

Increased installation of CCTV camera in public and private vicinity continues to boost their market prospects. Market Research Future (MRFR) reports the global CCTV camera market is set to capture 12.90% CAGR during the assessment period (2019-2024). The market is likely to touch a valuation of USD 31990.8 million by the year 2024. Theses cameras are increasingly used for preventing theft, civil unrest, anti-social activities etc.

The segment analysis of the market has been conducted based on services, application, product, resolution, and technology.

On the basis of services, the market has been segmented into managed service and professional services. In addition, the segment is anticipated to capture the strongest CAGR during the projection period. CCTV Camera Price This is mainly owing increased demand for professional services (maintenance, support and installation). Most users higher professionals for installing security camera systems for precision and accuracy. An array of installation services is available that are tailor-made as per the requirements of the user. Meanwhile, demand for managed services such as system performance monitoring, security, installing new servers and storage, network and communication, remote services, CCTV Camera Price hosted HD video conferencing and disaster recovery is on the rise.

On the basis of application, nobody can hack cctv camera the market has been segmented into industrial, residential and commercial. In terms of value, the commercial segment currently holds the dominant market share and is projected to demonstrate an impressive growth during the forecast period. Rapid urbanization in developing countries is driving the growth of the commercial segment. Increased construction of shopping malls, departmental stores, and other commercial structures is also contributing to the segment’s growth. This characteristics the increase demand for security cameras for commercial buildings. Some body search on google how to hack cctv camera but it is all fake Meanwhile, the residential segment holds the second spot and is likely to retain its position over 2024.

How to CCTV Camera Installation | CCTV Camera | CCTV Camera Price | CCTV Camera For Home | CCTV Camera png | Hikvision CCTV Camera | Wireless CCTV Camera

On the basis of product, the market has been segmented into dome security camera, box security camera, bullet security camera, thermal security camera and PTZ security camera.  CCTV camera are likely to undergo further product diversification in the forthcoming years.

In Year 2018, the HD segment held the pole position and this trend is likely to continue beyond 2019., The integration of advanced CMOS sensor technology in HD cameras and the arrival of 4K ultra HD CCTV camera

On the basis of technology, the market has been segmented into analog camera and IP security camera.  The segment stood at a valuation of USD 11, 694.5 Mn. IP cameras come with built-in web servers that can access web browser over the Internet.

Global CCTV Camera Market: Regional Analysis

The regions covered in the report include Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), North America among others. North America is the largest CCTV camera market. The region is likely to remain highly profitable during the assessment period. Existence of advanced infrastructure and high demand foe network-base video surveillance solutions in the US are among the major market drivers.

“Don’t miss out on business opportunities in CCTV Camera Market.

So, if you want to make sure your home or office is protected, we’ve listed our picks of the best DVR security systems for CCTV. Be aware that some include cameras in the box, whereas others require them to be purchased separately along with hard drives.

When somebody’s attempting to break into your property, you want to get a good shot of their face on your CCTV recording. That’s why it’s worth investing in a 4K system like this one from Lorex, which records sharp 4K footage at seven frames per second (FPS) onto its capacious 2TB hard disk and supports up to 16 cameras which you’ll need to purchase separately.

This DVR system 2K video resolution, which makes for a clear and sharp image without taking up as much storage space as 4K models. That means you’ll squeeze at least a few months of footage onto its huge 3TB hard disk drive, which is the largest size that Lorex offers in a DVR.

How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For All Whats app Applicable | FM Whats app Latest Version 2020

How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For  All Whats app Applicable | FM Latest version Whats app Download  

Need To See Deleted Messages On Whats App? There is not a official   Way To Do It, Here Is How

Whats App in 2017 accompanied a Delete for Everyone highlight that empowered its clients to erase messages in the wake of sending them to a client.

The component permits Whats App clients to erase messages for themselves just as the collector on the opposite end. The component could be utilized for bunch visits too.

A "This message was erased" notice shows up at whatever point clients erase content, sound or video from their talk. Be that as it may, now and again, for ioS clients photographs and recordings get spared in the photo gallery. Presently, there is an application that can let clients see the erased message.

An outsider workaround called Whats Removed+ can enable clients to recover what was erased. Be that as it may, this application isn't formally upheld by Whats App ought to be utilized with alert. In addition, it can get to clients information since that is the means by which it peruses Whats App messages, by really checking notices and the substance appeared in those notices. That is another motivation to utilize it carefully.

How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For  All Whats app Applicable | FM Whats app Latest Version 2020

Here is the manner by which you can see the erased Whats App messages:- - Download and introduce Whats Removed+ from Google Play Store. 

- Open Whats Removed+ and permit authorizations once you have understood them.

- Whats Removed+ will ask you which applications would you need to give it access to.

- There will be a rundown of applications which will show up on your window.

- From the rundown, select the applications to which you need to give get to including Whats App.

- Tap Yes, Save records and Click on Allow.

- Most of the time, pictures and recordings are recoverable. In any case, If the picture isn't downloaded, it isn't recoverable. Be that as it may, downloaded messages can be recouped.

- Now, every warning got and other informing applications can be gotten to by utilizing Whats Removed+ application on your telephone.

- To get to Whats App, clients must open the Whats Removed+ application and use Whats App from the rundown of the applications they have picked.

- The application recognizes an adjustment in the notices and will likewise advise you to mention to you what has occurred. The clients must note that the application just spares notices from the applications the client has physically chosen.

Whats App clients must note that there is no such application accessible for iOS and iPhone. The drawback of this application is that your protection will be in question. This is on the grounds that every one of your subtleties including OTP and bank balance subtleties will be presented to an outsider application. Thus, seeing erased messages will cost you your protection, as it were.

Whats Removed, this current workaround's forerunner, turned out in 2018. It guarantees that its point is to recover messages that were erased unintentionally by the client.

Get constant alarms and all the news on your telephone with the every single new Indium Today application. Download from 

With 1.6 billion dynamic clients, there is no re-thinking that Whats App is the most preferred informing application on the planet at this moment. Back in the year 2017, the Facebook claimed organization empowered an element that permitted individuals to totally erase their own messages, photographs and recordings from a Whats App visit. When these messages were erased there was no returning, nobody including you could get to the erased message, photograph or video. Notwithstanding, there is a system you can follow to see those erased messages.

There's constantly a heavy cost to pay while getting to Whats app highlights that are not authoritatively upheld. On the off chance that you are anticipating following this guide, it would be ideal if you note down that every one of your notices including OTPs and bank balance subtleties will be presented to an outsider application. If it's not too much trouble proceed at your own hazard as we can't guarantee your information won't be made open by the outsider. Just if the messages erased by you or another person hold an incredible significance, we propose you continue with extraordinary alert.

How to see erased Whats app messages? 

Normally when you erase a Whats app message, it shows 'This message was erased'. These means will assist you with seeing those erased messages. There is no such workaround for iPhone yet on the off chance that you possess an Android cell phone, you can follow the underneath referenced advances.

Stage 1: From Google Play, download and introduce Whats Removed+ on your cell phone.

Stage 2: Once it is downloaded and introduced, award the application all the consents it is requesting.

Stage 3: After giving all the consents, return to the application and here you will be approached to choose the application/applications you need to get to all the erased information from. From the rundown that ranges beneath, select Whats App and hit straightaway.

Stage 4: On the screen tap indeed, at that point tap on spare records and hit permit. This will wrap setting up the application and it will be prepared for your utilization.

Stage 5: From here on each notice you get from the application/applications that you have chosen will be shown on Whats Removed+. You should simply open the application and snap on the top bar and select Whats App.

This workaround lets you sidestep Whats App's 'This message was erased' (REUTERS)

We regularly wind up erasing messages that we send to wrong contacts or gatherings. The Delete for Everyone include in Whats App guarantees both you and your contacts will never again have the option to see the erased messages.

There is anyway a workaround that empowers you to see the erased messages on Whats App. Yet, to gain admittance to it, you should pay.

See erased messages on Whats App and other informing applications .

Download FM Whats app Latest Version - Click Here

Math Problem Solver App | Math Problem Solver Online | Math Problem Sum Solver Online Application | Latest Application

 Math Problem Solver App | Math Problem Solver Online | Math Problem Sum Solver Online Application

Today I'm going to talk about Math Problem/Sum solver Android App we provides help with a all your  of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics using an advanced AI powered math solver. Now you just Simply write a math question or sum on screen or use the camera to snap a math photo. 

 Maths Problem Solver App | Maths Problem Solver Online | Maths Problem Sum Solver Online Application

Then After Now you Open app Math problem solver instantly and  recognizes the problem/sum and helps you to solve it with step by step explanation, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web and online video lectures. Quickly look up related math concepts. Get help with your homework problems and gain confidence in mastering the techniques with Microsoft Math. It is absolutely FREE and No Ads

Now  how you can write a math equation on screen as you do on paper ? you can follow simple steps

- Scan printed or handwritten math photo

- After Scan To Your Problem Type and edit Using Latest advanced Scientific Math Calculator.

- Now Get Your  interactive Step by Step Explanations & Graphing Calculator

- Import images with math equations from gallery

- Now Just Scan and Solve Math Your Worksheets with also multiple problems.

- You can also  Search the website for similar problems and video lectures.

- Then After Try to Solve math word problems.

- You also Scan Your Graph Problem and plot x-y data tables for linear/non-linear functions.

- You can also Learn math in your language - This is supports Language is Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and many more

This Application is one of the most useful and easy to use math problem solving app that offers instant answers to the users most complex math equations. The android application is practically solves anything from basic math problems, geometry, algebra to more complex calculus equations and trigonometry. Design by Microsoft LLC, this app is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Application is totally free version gives the answers, and subscription will give step by step solutions to math problems in a wide variety of math types. It is a highly recommended application for all students and teachers who are struggling with math problems. An excellent topics glossary and intuitive interface make for straightforward easy to use.

Now Turn on The Math Problem Solver  Android Application

The new Microsoft Math Solver application makes use of an advanced Artificial Intelligent to solve a to different math problems/sums with ease. The application is quite simple to use and offers three ways in which you can input a new math problem/sums . You can either enter an equation using the built-in calculator like interface, click a photo/snap of the problem (much like you would on Photo math app), or write the math problem by hand.

The application then makes use of the AI powered math solver to instantly recognize the problem and delivers an accurate solution of your Problem  If you don't  like to learn how to  the application arrived at the solution, it also shows a step by step explanation, what how to use this Application along with interactive graphs, similar problems, and video lectures regarding similar problems from the internet

There Application are many existing Problem Solving application but the  open source projects that parse strings of math and create trees like to do this one. Now you can also  Several of these Application are also full Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) which can provide answers to math problems, though not with step-by-step explanations and Easy to Use 

When we are Solving Our Maths Problem, we considered using an existing CAS and adding a Simple steps to it. Symptom, a well known open-source CAS, stood out as a great choice. Now Upon diving into the two or more  code, however, we realized that the structure of Symptom expression trees are optimized for finding answers, but not for teaching. Its trees don’t store division or subtraction because these operations can be represented by multiplication, addition, and exponents.

Download App - Click Here

How To Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Easy Method

How To Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Easy Method 

Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online : Aadhaar Card versatile number update: A 12-digit unique number, Aadhaar Card number, is given by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online the inhabitants of the nation. Be that as it may, the Aadhaar card is given simply in the wake of finishing the necessary confirmation process set somewhere near the position. To profit an Aadhaar card, an individual needs to give insignificant segment just as biometric data, including his/her contact number. As per UIDAI, up until this point, more than 66.4 crore individuals the nation over have added their portable number to their Aadhaar Card. Enrolling portable number with Aadhaar Card has numerous advantages. One of the principle benefits is that those with an enrolled portable number can utilize the Aadhaar online administrations from home with the assistance of Aadhaar OTP.

For online difference in name or name remedy on Aadhar Card, a self validated duplicate of report is required. Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online Your complete name ought to be unmistakably featured beneath the mark or thumbprint while confirming the record.

How To Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Easy Method
How To Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online | Mobilesolutions4u.in

if you need to update your versatile number in AADHAAR database, you can Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online utilize the Self-administration client gateway (SSUP). In any case, recall that you have to have the portable number in working condition what you have given at the hour of enlistment.

Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card 

follow this step:-

- Open the UIDAI Portal right now  www.uidai.gov.in

- Put your 12 digit AADHAAR number and snap on send OTP

- You will get an OTP in your current portable number.

- Update the new portable number.

- Click on submit to settle the phone number.

- You can like Update Name, Gender Date of Birth and so on with a similar system.

Following previously mentioned simple advances, you can enlist for solicitation of progress in Aadhar information. by in this Step you Can  Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card.

Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card  Online:

UIDAI will confirm the data gave by you to change in Aadhaar information and after effective check, Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card  Online the ideal changes in your Aadhaar information will reflect over your Aadhar Card and same will be imparted to you by means of SMS on your portable, email and through post.

 Then After in the wake of presenting, your application will be checked by the authorities and after certain days you will get a SMS affirming the updation of portable number. On the off chance that you have not given the portable number during the enlistment and now need to refresh the versatile number you need to do it disconnected as it were. You can't refresh the versatile number online right now. you can Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card  Online.

You can likewise visit the closest AADHAAR Enrolment Center and approach the authorities for rectification in the versatile number. The official will change the versatile number in the AADHAAR database.

How To Apply PAN Card Online | How To Make PAN Card Online | Simple and Easy Step To Apply

How To Apply PAN Card Online | How To Make PAN Card Online | Simple and Easy Step To Apply

How To Make PAN Card Online : Changeless Account Number or PAN Card is a nationalized character card. Without a PAN, How To Make PAN Card Online you won't have the option to complete any money related exchange. It is the Indian Income Tax Department that assigns this 10-digit alphanumeric and one of a kind record number to an assessment paying individual, organization or HUF. It has lifetime legitimacy. Right now, will investigate how to apply for PAN Card.

How To Apply PAN Card Online : 

PAN  can be applied on the web. Further, demands for changes or remedy in PAN information may likewise be made on the web. Here is the means by which to Apply PAN Card Online Online use of PAN can be made on the NSDL site OR UTIITSL site.

How To Apply PAN Card Online | How To Make PAN Card Online | Simple and Easy Step To Apply

Both have been approved by the administration of India to give the PAN or to make changes/adjustments in the PAN in the interest of the Income Tax Department. The online procedure is the most issue free method for getting PAN. The candidate is just required to fill and present the online application structure alongside online installment of the individual preparing charge. Copy of your any Pan card  required reports are the should then to be able to the sent by post to either NSDL and UTIITSL, for other further confirmation purposes. i hope you understand the How To Apply PAN Card Online.
Step 1: First of Submission Your PAN Card application Form 49A available on the NSDL Official Website Under - https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/endUserRegisterContact.html 

Step 2: Fill your all the details in the given form. And Please  Read all the detailed instructions before furnishing the your details in the form.
Step 3: Mode of Payment
Step 4: Documents to be sent to NSDL

Documents For PAN Card - Click Here

Make Online PAN Card Service Features : 

1)Apply New Pan Card Application
2) PAN Card Correction Application
3) Pan Card Duplicate or Lost Apply
4) Track Pan Card Status
5) Pan Card Digital Copy Download
6) Verify any Pan Card Number
7) Link PAN Card with Aadhar Card
8) Search PAN Card by Name and DOB
9) Find nearby PAN Center
10) Pan Card Support Service

How to Download Pan Card  Online - 

After all Done your Process then Simple go to download your pan card section and simply insert your acknowledgement and details number or pan card & download in the E-PAN Card in the PDF file Format.

Documents Required for Pan Card ?

It needs only the Basic Aadhar Card with the date of birth proof like aadhar card or school certificate or birth certificate etc.

How to Link PAN with Aadhar Card

You can simply use this app and select feature of LINK PAN with Aadhar CARD. After that just insert your aadhar card number & name with the DOB. Then simple enter your PAN Number and details so its will be linked through official Income tax website.

Can we Check Pan Card Status ?

Yes You also can check Your any pan card status through this android app. You have to just insert your Acknowledgement number or PAN Number & check your card status  status.

Apply For PAN Card Online - Click Here

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana | Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Calculator | How to Fill Form PMVVY

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana | Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Calculator | How to Fill Form PMVVY

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana :  It is a pension scheme for senior citizens 60 years and above. Under this scheme, senior citizens will get a guaranteed return of 8% for 10 years on opting for monthly pension option. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana If you choose the annual pension option, you will get a guaranteed return of 8.3% for 10 years. The scheme is exempted from the GST. It will be available for sale for a year from the launch date i.e. 4 May 2017. Since its launch on 4 May 2017, LIC has also collected Rs 2,705 crore by selling 58,152 policies.

This policy can be purchased both online and offline.

The UIN of this scheme is 512G311V01.

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana | Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Calculator | How to Fill Form PMVVY

Good news For Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana : In the meeting of the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, some important reforms have been made in the "Prime Minister Vay Vandana Yojana" keeping in mind the well being of senior citizens.

- Investment limit under PMVVY has been increased to 15 lakhs. It was seven and a half lakhs earlier. Due to increasing investment limit, senior citizens will be able to get pension up to Rs. 10 thousand per month.

- The investment deadline in PMVVY has been extended by two years to 31 March 2020. Prior to this, the investment deadline was 3 May 2018.

- Under PMVVY, the maximum investment limit has been changed from per family to per senior citizen. That is, if both husband and wife are senior in a family, then both of them can invest a maximum of 15 - 15 lakhs.

Mode of Pension (Payment) Payment:

Pension will be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually to the pension holder. Pension will be paid by NEFT or through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana:

Pension Payment:

If the policy holder survives the entire policy term ie 10 years, then pension will be paid at the end of the period (monthly / quarter / half yearly / yearly) chosen by him.

For every 1000 rupees invested in the scheme,

80 rupees will be paid in monthly mode

80.5 rupees to be paid in quarterly mode

80.3 will be paid in half-year mode

83 in the annual mode to be paid

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Calculator
Using this link, you can calculate the pension received under Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana.

Calculate PMVVY Pension - Calculator

Death Benefit:

If the policy holder dies within 10 years of the policy term, the purchase price will be returned to his nominee.

Maturity Benefit:

If the policy holder survives the entire policy term i.e.  10 years, it  will be paid the last instalment of pension along with the your purchase amount.

Surrender Price:

This policy allows you to surrender to the prematurely in critical situations during the policy period. Serious situations here mean any kind of critical / terminal illness to you or your (spouse). In such case  a situation you can also surrender the policy and you will get 98% of the purchase price.

Loan Facility:

Loan facility is also available on completion of 3 years under the privacy and policy. Under the this, you can take a any loan of 75% of the maximum purchase price.

For the financial year 2016-17, the interest rate applicable to the loan is 10% pr Annum

Free Look Period:

If a policyholder is not satisfied with the "Terms and Conditions" of the policy, he / she can return the policy to the corporation within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy with a reason for objection. (30 days if this policy is purchased online)

If the he  was first does so, he will be refunded at  the full amount after deducting the stamp duty and the installment of any pension.


if any person suicide - If a policyholder commits suicide, in this case his nominee will be paid the full purchase price.

Tax benefit:

The amount deposited under this scheme of Section 80C of Income Tax 1961 is tax free. However, you will have to pay income tax on the interest earned from the deposited amount.

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Example:

Let us understand this scheme with the help of an example.

Suppose Rahul has invested in this scheme with the following details. He invests a lump sum from the his savings to ensure the your a fixed regular income for the next 10 years.

Age: 60 years

Purchase Price: Rs. 7,50,000

Policy term: 10 years

Purchase Year: 2017

Pension Mode: Monthly

So, the benefits received by Rahul in Pradhan Mantri Via Vandana Yojana will be as follows.

Pension Benefits:

Rahul will continue to receive Rs 5,000 as pension at the end of each month for the next 10 years. If the rate of interest is 8% (8% of Rs. 7,50,000) / whatever amount comes from 12, he will get every month if he survives for a period of 10 years.

Maturity Benefit:

At the completion of 10 years Rahul will get back the purchase price ie Rs 7,50,000 which he paid to buy the plan.

Death Benefit:

If Rahul dies at the age of 65, he will be paid 5000 as a pension every month for 65 years. And after his death, the purchase price of the policy i.e. Rs 7,50,000 will be paid to his nominee.

Surrender benefit:

Suppose at the age of 68, Rahul needs his money to treat himself or his wife's serious illness. In such a situation, till the age of 68, he will continue to pay Rs 5000 as monthly pension, and when he surrenders the policy at the age of 68, he will be refunded 98% of the purchase price. . That is, 98% of 7,50,000 = Rs 7,35,000

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